The creators of the system are a team of experts. 

MEON Capital Group– makes sure that your business constantly grows and offers support when you have to make difficult business decisions.

  • Coaches– well-trained, creative coaches, who have experienced the EMS training first hand. They prepare the most effective training methods and tasks.
  • Physiotherapists- have made sure that the MEON EMS system positively impacts your body, is useful in rehabilitation and recovery process of injuries.
  • Engineers – lecturers at universities in Poland, who are passionate for developing electronics and applications. Thanks to them we can guarantee continuous growth of the MEON EMS system.



People, technology, business

MEON’s staff is professional in every aspect. Their energy and undying enthusiasm, combined with the experience they gained over the years, help them find new possibilities. They are not afraid of challenges and constantly bring new unconventional ideas and new technologies to life.

The fundamentals of the Group are projects related to multimedia, electrotechnology and real estate. Effectiveness of MEON activities is confirmed by long-term partnerships with leading companies on the polish market, like INEA, Orange, or MTP Poznań Expo.

For many years MEON has been an invaluable partner for businesses working in various fields. The foundation established by the Group supports visionaries in their journey to execute innovative ideas through business consultation and help in obtaining the resources for bringing daring initiatives to life.

Open Your own STUDIO

Use the proven franchise model.
Run your own studio together with MEON EMS.