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Run your EMS training studio using a franchise model.

EMS studio works based on a franchise model and is a well thought-out way of eliminating the obstacle of entering the market and allowing you to run your business with low own contribution.

  • Floor area from 60m2
  • Low own contribution
  • We’ll help you get a grant or a lease
  • We can advise you on getting the right fitness equipment
  • We’ll give you the marketing materials
  • We share our knowledge on running a business and getting new clients
  • You get the access to a knowledge base about the EMS training


An idea for your own business

Franchise is a verified and safe way to invest your capital and a ready idea for business, guaranteeing a quick recovery of the money you invested. As a franchiser we offer you a full know-how and comprehensive support on every stage of running your studio.

By working with us you get:

Full marketing background:

  • Nationwide promotion campaigns and marketing materials
  • Website for your studio, coherent with MEON EMS impulse training brand
  • Items of visual identification (like flyers, screens, multimedia stands for displaying the app, stickers for the studio windows, photo wallpapers and banners)

Factual knowledge:

  • Certified training for coaches on the theory and practice of EMS personal training
  • Training explaining how to conduct both static and dynamic workouts
  • Training for Staff on how to provide the service for a premium client
  • Preparing the first trial training with a premium client

Administrative support:

  • Comprehensive tools for keeping records: terms and conditions of partnership with the studio, personal questionnaires for new clients, a list of contradictions for training
  • Constant support from specialists in terms of EMS training during the term of the franchise contract
  • An invitation for regular meetings of MEON EMS studio owners- learn from the best and grow your studio!

MEON EMS created a central system allowing the client to train at various MEON EMS locations.

Become a part of our partner network!

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