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Enrich your studio’s offer with EMS fitness training. 

MEON EMS system is a great idea for enriching your business with muscle electrostimulation training. Leave your competition in the back thanks to the wireless EMS device. Make yourself stand out on the market through the quality of your workout and your mobility.



Take care of your clients and equip you Studio with MEON EMS!

EMS gains popularity among Poles with each day, even the ones who stayed away from traditional gyms.

Comfort, high efficiency and time saving. All these things convince clients to choose EMS training and include it in their training plan.

Conduct EMS trainiings wherever you want!

MEON EMS system is dedicated to dynamic training and that’s why we made sure its size is compact. So far to hold an EMS training you needed a bulky, clumsy console that took up a lot of space and wires limiting the number of exercises the person working out can do.

We know how burdensome it is. That’s why we created a system that fits in a bag and doesn’t weigh more than your laptop. Conduct your training wherever you want! Sports facilities, fitness studios, gym or client’s house. No wires and no limitations! 

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