Who is the EMS training for?

Training with electrostimulation is a safe training method appropriate for people of age, regardless of gender.

There are medical contraindications against beginning the training. For the sake of the health of the trainees, a qualified trainer from the MEON EMS academy will conduct a thorough health interview before the first training, based on the contraindication card, and decides whether or not the training may be started.

Where can I try the MEON EMS system?

To try the MEON EMS system, go to one of the impulse training studios.

A personal trainer will conduct a trial training with You for as little as 49zł.

Find your closes impulse training studio.

You may also make an appointment for the presentation of the system with our representative.

Does the MEON EMS system allow for conducting the training in the client’s house?

Yes, MEON EMS system is wireless and allows for mobile training with electrostimulation in all conditions, also in the clients’ house.


Does the MEON EMS application also work on Android?

Safety of the training is our priority. Thus we decided to create the mobile application compatible with the iOS system, which at the moments is the most stabile available operating system on the mobile devices.

Why can I not purchase the MEON EMS system straight from the internet?

To fully use the MEON EMS system, appropriate training is required, that is why for the sake of the safety of both the trainers and trainees we do not conduct a direct sale through the internet.

MEON EMS Sp. z o. o. provides training covering the skills required to use the system and conducting personal EMS workouts for all buyers.

To purchase the MEON EMS system, contact with our representative.

Is MEON EMS covered by the warranty?

We ensure a two-year producer’s warranty on the MEON EMS System. The product is technologically advanced and it is to be used according to its specifications and proceed and caution.

It is possible to purchase a two-year premium warranty for the connecter. We ensure an immediate exchange of the products, also in case of mechanical damage.

In case of technical problems, contact us.

Should I sprinkle the electrode with water before usage?

It is not obligatory. For the sake of the comfort of the trainees, in Body MEON EMS we used innovative polymer electrodes which do not require sprinkling it with water before putting on the suit.

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