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What is EMS training?

The EMS training method is a combination of physical activity and electric muscle stimulation. It has been used for years by athletes as a supplement to high performance training and by physiotherapists as a way to accelerate the effects of the rehabilitation process.

EMS training is mostly used by personal coaches in small studios as a modern alternative to the gym.

Perfect body

EMS, when combined with friendly exercises prepared by our coaches, becomes an intense full-body workout.

Muscle electrostimulation

Electric impulses massage our muscles, activate our organism and boost the metabolism.

Helps with back pain

EMS training eliminates the weight on joints and the spine. The impulse strengthens the deep muscles and engages them to work.

Firming treatments

Electrostimulation is also used as an effective firming treatment for the skin and as a way to remove cellulite.

Why EMS?

The secret to the efficiency of EMS training lies in its comprehensiveness. It stimulates all 10 main muscle groups at the same time, forcing them to work effectively with no need for the use of weights. EMS combined with functional training and the support of a certified personal coach is a great replacement for hard and complex exercises at the gym.

One training session with a MEON EMS electrostimulation device lets you burn from 500 to 1200kcal. That means that a 30 minute long training session twice a week is enough for you to see the results after just 4 sessions. 

EMS training is a safe and efficient soulution

The EMS method is completely safe and tested, which means it can be used by anyone, no matter the level of advancement or age. A personal coach prepares an individual training plan, adjusted to your abilities and needs. It also regulates the intensity of impulses in a way that maximizes the efficiency of your workout in safe and controlled conditions.

The bodysuit and EMS electrostimulator can work as a support tool for physiotherapists. Impulses sent through the EMS device reach deep into the muscles, strengthening them. The corset muscles have an important role in stabilizing our body and help the spine to remain in good condition. EMS training combined with professional knowledge and posture improving exercises can in fact help remove back pain.

EMS – training is effective especially

According to studies conducted by various universities all over the world, the EMS training using the multichannel electrostimulating device is fully safe and has no negative influence on our body. It was observed that this type of training is effective especially in terms of building on the strength and speed, shaping the body and reducing the adipose tissue. The EMS training positively influences general performance and endurance and when we apply an adequate programme from the MEON EMS application we can efficiently build our muscle mass.

EMS training is an excellent alternative for everyone who values their time and cares about their health. No matter what your goal is, how old you are or how high are your abilities, the EMS training is a modern and effective method worth including in your training plan.


EMS training After each training session
Conventional training Only after high intensity interval training


EMS training from 500 to 1200kcal
Conventional training 400kcal


EMS training 2 sessions a week
Conventional training 4-5 sessions a week


EMS training At each training session
Conventional training Special targeted exercises


EMS training No risk
Conventional training Notable risk

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