I. General provisions website is coordinated by MEON EMS Sp. Z o. o. with the headquarters in Szczecin, 70-411, Więckowskiego 2/3, Sąd rejonowy Szczecin-Centrum in Szczecin, XIII wydział Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego, filed to the registry of employers Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego under the number 0000785954, NIP 8513237579, Share capital 5000,00 PLN.

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The user who does not permit to adhere to the regulations is asked not to use this site. Other websites of the MEON EMS Sp. Z o. o. may undergo other conditions that should get acquainted separately.

II. Intellectual property laws

All laws regarding intellectual property, in particular copyrights and rights to trademarks in regards to all illustrations, texts and other materials locate don the website belong to MEON EMS sp. Z o.o. or are under the permission for usage given by the owner. The user of the website can print parts of the website or download them on the hard drive of the computer and share it with others under the condition that the user does it for informational purposes or other permissible purposes according to the current laws.

Without the prior written consent of the MEON EMS Sp. Z o.o. the user of the website must not:

  1. Modify part or the entirety of the website or include it as a content of other studies (such as paper documents, blogs or third party’s websites).
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III. Content of the website

The website as well as information included, are strictly informational in regards to the Company and its products, and, unless given different information on the site, are not heading towards concluding, change or solving any kind of law disputes. The information present on the website was gathered with the utmost possible care and detail. Due to the informational character of the website, people who aim to use the site with a goal other than to gain information about the Company and its products, are asked to directly contact and confirm the information with the Company’s representative.

IV. Responsibility

The company MEON EMS Sp. Z o.o. is responsible for any damaged caused as a result of using the website on the terms stated in general laws.

V. Data protection

Personal data (such as first name, surname, telephone number and email address) shared with MEON EMS Sp. Z o. o. through the website will be used compliant with the provisions of the information on the protection of personal data. We ask for familiarizing oneself with the Privacy Policy before sharing any data with MEON EMS Sp. Z o. o.

VI. Contact

In case of any further questions or complaints regarding this website, we ask for using these contacts information:

MEON EMS Sp. z o. o.
ul. Więckowskiego 2/3
70-411 Szczecin

NIP 8513237579
KRS 0000785954
+48 665 383 556
+48 735 233 030

VII. Other regulations

The company MEON EMS Sp. Z o. o. reserves the right to introduce change and modify the legal information. This legal information, as well as the use of the website by the people visiting it, are subject to the polish laws.