It relies on stimulating the muscles with appropriately chosen electric impulses with the help of specialized tools, such as the EMS suit. EMS method allows for reaching maximum efficiency of workouts, for example, by increasing the number of calories burnt. EMS fitness is more and more popular in the United States as well as western Europe. It becomes more and more popular in Poland as well. Are we witnessing a revolution in the fitness market?

EMS – training without compromise

EMS training immediately makes its way into the consciousness of people physically active, but it can be hardly called new. This unbelievably effective method of training has been used for years by athletes, such as football players, but also physiotherapists. What exactly is EMS? The electric impulse which is generated during exercises by proper devices (most commonly the EMS suit) have a frequency of impulses imitating the impulses coming from the nervous system. It’s an additional stimulus for muscles and guarantees to activate the possibly largest area of working body. In conjunction with the well-organized training program, electrostimulation of muscles bring immediate effects. In this way, without tiring yourself in the gym or brutal cardio workouts we can quickly achieve impressive condition. What’s important, EMS is a safe, clinically researched training method. In its case, we do not have to worry about injuries or overloading of muscles. It is amongst the lowest injury rates methods of training.

EMS training – does it work?

EMS training efficiency is indisputable. There’s a reason why so many specialists point towards the fact, that two sessions of half an hour of workout with this method, is equivalent to four or five sessions of an hour and a half long traditional workouts. There are several benefits connected to EMS. Regular physical activity in conjunction with electro-stimulation of muscles allows, amongst others to improve the body’s metabolism, and in the long run: increase the body fat burning. It doesn’t stop here. Results, which can be brought with the EMS training, is the improvement of the core muscles, as well as alleviation of joint pains and spinal paints, often created by a sedentary lifestyle. The methods results have been confirmed by several studies. EMS is used in the prevention and treatment of several illnesses (for example, some diseases of the cardiovascular system, connected to local lack of blood supply in a particular body part).

EMS fitness – who is it for?

The possibilities created by the EMS technology can be used by anybody, regardless of age, gender or fitness goal. In the case of professional athletes, EMS is a confirmed way of increasing training efficiency. It is a common knowledge amongst football players, triathlon runners, boxers and other athletes using this method. EMS fitness is also a great solution for those, who desire to be in good physical condition, but whose jobs do not allow for regular high-intensity workouts. EMS training is not physically demanding and always are conducted under the watchful eye of a professional trainer. Even beginners or older people can take care of their health this way. It is important to note, that EMS is an incredibly comfortable method of training. Devices used for electro-stimulation of muscles, such as EMS suit, are extremely comfortable and hygienic. They are perfect to workout in – let us not speak about discomfort!