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EMS Training is a method used by professional athletes, therapists and physiotherapists. The method consists of combining the traditional form of physical activities with muscle electro-stimulation with the help of specially constructed devices. Thanks to which it is possible for increasing the efficiency of the training, improving circulation and increasing the number of burnt calories. The EMS Method is extremely efficient and is becoming a more popular solution also in gyms.

What is EMS?

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a method based on providing appropriate electrical impulses to the muscle. Their intensity and frequency are adjusted so that the electrical signal imitated the natural signal coming from the nervous system. Thanks to that, additional muscle contraction intensifies, which in conjunction with physical activity leads to increase in efficiency of the workout, increase in the blood supply of muscle tissue, improvement of metabolism and increasing the number of calories burnt. The EMS method is also used in therapy as a form of prevention from muscle atrophy for patients with limited possibilities of movement and it is used as a treatment of protracted pain (for example spine’s). Except that, EMS is used to reduce muscle tension, as an element of thrombotic prevention after surgery and during treatment of some cardiovascular diseases related to local ischemia of individual parts of the body.

Do muscle stimulators work?

Electro-stimulation EMS working as a therapeutic method and supplementary form of training is scientifically proven – results were examined amongst others by the American Agency of Food and Medicine. Of course, without the physical activity and change in eating habits the method by itself will not result in weight loss. However, in conjunction with proper diet and a training plan, created by a professional trainer, electro-stimulators of muscles may become an invaluable ally in the battle against obesity or back pain, as well as help during both strength and endurance training. It also assists with the rehabilitation of people with limited ability to move, such as victims of crushes or invasive surgeries.

What is EMS training?

EMS training consists of performing appropriately chosen exercises, while the muscles are at the same time additionally stimulated by the electrical impulses, coming from the electrodes connected to the body of a trainee. Along with the accumulator, they are built into the muscle electro-stimulators – it may be a device that stimulates abdominal muscles, a vest or – as is the case in newest and most comfortable version – a special training suit. Exercise and the electrode program are designed in such a way, as to activate as many muscle parts at the same time as possible, thanks to which the workout can reach maximum efficiency. Allowing for the optimizing of the length and intensity of physical activity – half an hour of EMS training two times a week is equivalent to four to five sessions of a traditional workout.

What is the outcome of electro-stimulation training?

The effects of the EMS training are visible after a couple of workout sessions. With regular physical activity accompanied by electro-stimulation technology, you will notice improvement with metabolism, decreased amount of fat issue, improvement of circulation and blood supply of the body, strengthening the muscular corset and spine muscle, increasing muscle endurance and improving physical performance. However, that’s not all. The effects of EMS training are visible in the reduction of cellulite, improvement of skin’s firmness,  or help with the alleviation of joint and spine pain in the case of prolonged muscle tension, sedentary lifestyle or diseases of the osteoarticular system.

Muscle electro-stimulator – opinions

The users of muscle electro-stimulators praise the comfort and time saving when performing the EMS training. During exercising, the usage of additional equipment is not obligatory what gives the possibility of training almost everywhere. Relatively short training time allows us to keep full focus. Apart from that, the lack of workload characteristic for traditional exercises makes the EMS method safer for people suffering from joint pain or spine diseases. Muscle electro-stimulation stimulates the action of various muscle parts at the same time, what increases the number of burnt calories and accelerates the loss of unnecessary kilograms as well as getting perfect results during the process of formation endurable, flexible and strong muscle mass.

EMS – is it worth it?

Training supported by muscle electro-stimulation has been used by professional athletes of various sports discipline, including football players, athletes or boxers. This fact is the best recommendation for the effectiveness of the EMS method. Apart from that, purchasing the basic exercise package with the use of EMS in the gym does not involve high costs but allows you to acknowledge whether this form of training is suitable for your needs. The great advantage of the EMS method is time-saving – the exercises are shorter but equally (or even more) effective.

Who is the EMS training for?

EMS training is an excellent solution in a range variety of cases. Exercises are not physically demanding and are always conducted under the watchful eye of a professional, as such they are suitable for people at any age. EMS method works well even in the case of beginners, whose endurance is not on a high level. There are no contraindications for using EMS device by the people suffering from obesity or previous injuries – on the contrary, scientific research reveals high success rate for lowering the body fat when working with EMS device, as well as in therapy. EMS method aids in weight loss and muscle building, it is also an invaluable help in the therapy of pain alleviation of joins and bone structure, which is why it will also prove helpful in aid of healing such injuries. EMS is a wonderful solution also for these people, who can not allow themselves too much time to train – since all that is required are two, half an hour-long session per week, for results to start showing.

Is EMS training safe?

Yes, EMS training belongs to the safe methods of training. It does not require any additional equipment, it does not overload spine and joints, which makes it a perfect alternative for traditional forms of physical activity, in case of older, obese or injured people. However, EMS method is not advised in case of a woman in a state of pregnancy, patients with a cardiac pacemaker, or those suffering from atherosclerosis, diabetes or epilepsy – in such a case, it is advised to choose a different form of training. For everyone else, exercise with the use of the EMS device is an excellent way for the improvement of physical endurance as well as weight loss. Frequency and the intensity of electrical impulses are chosen in such a way, so that they may optimize the muscle activity throughout the workout without the risk of injury or overloading.

EMS – Summary

EMS training is an excellent alternative to the traditional form of training. Exercises in conjunction with electro-stimulation of muscles allow for more efficient burning of calories, improvement to physical endurance and increase in the tissue’s blood supply. They may be an invaluable help in the treatment of lingering joint pain and post-injury therapy. EMS is also an excellent solution for people, who want to avoid overloading and injuries, which may happen during traditional strength exercises.