So what is Franchise? A franchise consists of cooperation between two independent entrepreneurs. Franchise cooperation is a type of cooperation between two independent subjects: franchisee and franchisor. The franchise deal assumes for the franchisor to conduct their own business under the established trademark belonging to the franchisee. What is there to know about the franchise? What are some of the most popular franchise network? Is the franchise profitable? Here you will find all that’s important to know about the franchise.

Franchise – What is it?

The franchise model is used, amongst others, by food establishments such as fast-food chains, for example, McDonald’s. In Poland, the franchise model is used by a popular chain of shops Żabka, as well as several different brands. So what is a franchise? The definition is as follows: A franchise is a deal between an owner of a brand (franchisor) and the one using it (franchisee). According to the deal, franchisor allows for a franchisee to use their brand for the needs of franchisee’s economic activity, in exchange for established gains. Franchise deal may consist of detailed information regarding know-how and their legal protection, as well as information regarding the tools, which the franchisee may use and which will be shared with him by the franchisor. Franchise deal is long term and consists of all the most important franchise conditions. Cooperation on the base of the franchise may take on different forms. General rules in all cases are however identical. Franchisor gives each franchisee right to use their brand. In exchange, they expect economic activity to be handled per the concept.

Know-how – basics of all franchise

Leading economic activity, per the franchisor concept leads to know-how, however, the concept itself has a much wider meaning. Know-how is an experience-based knowledge, useful when conducting economic activity. Know-how is amongst others, the whole list of important procedures, which are connected to any particular business. If – for example- the franchise is a chain of restaurants, know-how can consist of secrets of employee’s work, but also on the recipe’s of particular dishes. This, of course, is only one of many examples. What’s important, know-how is not explicit, which means that access to it in case of the franchise model is regulated by the franchise deal. While know-how can not be patented, it is protected by law. According to the statute against the dishonest competition, disclosing know-how without the entrepreneur’s permission is strictly forbidden. Franchise rules always include know-how. In many cases, it is the neuralgic establishment’s capital, and the fact that franchise assumes the transfer of know-how allows for a franchisee to start with additional knowledge. Which is why a franchise often turns out the shortest way to open one’s own business.

Hard and soft franchise

A franchise may have different forms. Franchise rules, while based on similar principles, they differ in case of each brand, which is important to remember. A lot depends on the type of franchise. It is good to be aware that there exist two types: hard and soft franchise. What is the difference? Predominantly they differ with the level of mutual engagement in cooperation. A hard franchise is a franchise on establishment formula. Each franchise partner, in this case, adheres to strictly established rules. The franchisee needs to take care of upholding certain standards. The franchisor is required to interfere in such things as the franchise local, it’s decoration, or the atmosphere within, as well as neuralgic processes connected with conducting the business under their brand. A soft franchise is much more looser deal. In this variant, the franchisee can count on much bigger independence. Which model is better? There is no right answer. A lot depends on the franchisee – their self-reliance, ambition and how he imagines conducting their own business.

Franchise – what are the benefits?

The franchise has been working for many years all over the world. It is very popular in Poland which is proven by more and more companies working on its basis. Why is this model chosen so often? The benefits for each franchise partner are different but if the franchise works on the win-win principle, which is the assumption, both sides should benefit. The franchisor can count on additional income as well as the development of the brand, its recognition and reach. The franchisee has the opportunity to start a business using a verified idea as well as support which includes not only access to franchisor know-how but also mutual marketing actions. It is a facilitation for the franchisee and an easier way to achieving financial success. Both sides benefit from this success. It’s a classic win-win.

How much does a franchise partnership cost?

How much does a franchise cost? There is no one answer. There are projects which require a multimillion investment but there are also some which offer a low starting capital. McDonald’s franchise requires a capital of around 1,8 million PLN. There are even more expensive franchise projects but no worries. If you think about based on the franchise model, you don’t have to be a millionaire. The franchise model works in various sectors. The partnership based on franchise works in many fields such as fitness clubs, shops, programming schools for children and teenagers – there are more and more possibilities appearing each year. A franchise can cost less than 40,000 PLN or even less. Franchise networks have different scale and characteristics. In some cases, you don’t even have to invest in a franchise local. It is worth to do your research and look for a franchise suitable for you.

Popular franchise networks. Not only McDonald’s

Nowadays, the most popular franchise networks include Anytime Fitness clubs, multinational network of convenience shop 7-Eleven as well as sandwich bar network Subway. Other powerful franchise networks include McDonald’s as well as KFC, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s International Pizza. The largest franchise chains also include a chain of petrol stations Circle K and a chain of shops with dietary supplements and related products GNC. What are some of the most popular franchise networks in Poland? The leading ones include Carrefour Express and Zabka. On the wave of growth of importance of premium spirits segment on the franchise, the tycoon is growing Al.Capone chain of spirits stores. Esotiq franchise has also been popular for years (the brand offering women’s underwear has nearly 280 stores in Polish cities; the brand operates based on the deposit franchise model). Franchising in Poland is still developing. The number of franchise offers is growing every year.

Fitness franchise for active people

Many sports clubs work based on the franchise. On one hand, this business perfectly fits into franchise rules, on the other hand, the fitness industry is growing extremely fast as the healthy lifestyle is getting more popular. If you like sport and believe in promoting it, this is the perfect business opportunity for you. There are many possibilities. It is worth to choose modern and innovative solutions. The EMS method is believed to be one of the most forward-looking trends in the fitness industry. Electrical muscle stimulation is a training method combining workouts with muscle electro-stimulation with the help of special devices. Muscle stimulation during exercising guarantees amazing effects. It is a way to use the workout sessions to the fullest as well as burn as many calories as possible. Is it possible to use the EMS training method as a franchise? Of course!

MEON EMS Franchise

Partnership based on franchise seems like an ideal form of owning a business, you have a drive towards sport and you would like to develop? MEON EMS franchise method should be interesting for you. It is a proposal of partnership business which allows you to create your own EMS studio using the EMS system. The MEON EMS franchise project is dedicated to people wanting to develop and counting on financial benefits. EMS training has been used for years by athletes and physiotherapists. Nowadays, they are becoming more popular among people who want to be more fit.  In Germany as well as other Western Europe countries it is a new standard in the fitness industry. In Poland, the EMS method boom is still ahead of us. It is a good moment to start. What is important, MEON EMS franchise has low starting capital and issues such as franchise local are resolved individually. Franchisee may count on the access to the know-how as well as marketing support including the creation of a website, sharing the timetable, etc. The franchise contract is clear and transparent. Want to know more? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of the project!


Franchise for less than 40 thousand


A franchise allows for an express start – in this case, we use already existing brand, its recognition, and tested know-how. Does franchise always require large budget? The answer is: no. A good example is the MEON EMS franchise, in which franchisee receives the possibility of creating an EMS studio (EMS method is a revolutionary training method based on the electro-stimulation of muscles). MEON EMS franchise is a great idea for a business low own contribution!

Business for low own contribution? It’s possible!

The franchise is the best solution for people who know, that own business is what they want to do, but have no idea on what it could be. Leading a business in franchise formula is first and foremost certainty examined and less requiring than creating an establishment from scratch. Receiving the right to use franchisor’s brand, we start from a different level from an entrepreneur who has to work hard to gain renown, and become recognizable. However, everything has its price. Every franchise requires an investment of an established amount. How high is said amount? That depends. Some franchise projects have a high entry point. To make use of them, we must consider investing five or even six number long amounts. There are also cheaper alternatives, franchises which do not require that high of a starting investment. The idea for a business for low own contribution is, for example, MEON EMS franchise. Thanks to it, you can create a fitness club, which uses the electro-stimulation method of EMS. This innovative, very popular training method, for instance in western Europe, uses the new EMS devices. MEON EMS franchise uses an innovative system EMS. It’s a franchise with both a low entry point and wide perspectives of possibility.

EMS method – a new standard in fitness brunch.

EMS – electrical muscle stimulation – is slowly becoming popular in Poland, while it is a well-known method in several other countries for years, being a standard in fitness. EMS method joins the appropriately picked exercises, done under the watchful eye of an instructor with electro-stimulation of muscles through special devices. EMS system, proposed by MEON EMS, is compatible with the application, very comfortable to use, and does not limit the range of motion with its EMS suit, which produces appropriate electric impulses. Why? Electro-stimulation of muscles is an additional stimulus for muscles. It’s enough to say that the training, which is based on the EMS method, allows burning more calories than a regular workout. It’s predominantly an effective way for increasing the efficiency of a workout to the maximum. This is why EMS is often used by professional athletes and physiotherapists – for many years at that! In recent years the EMS method got popular. Many people say that it is the future of fitness, which is confirmed by the increasing number of EMS studios, in Germany and other European countries. In Poland, a boom for fitness with the EMS method is only beginning.

Future of EMS

Is EMS evolutionary in the fitness department? EMS method seems to perfectly adapt to the needs of our times. Currently, more and more people suffer from lack of free time. Frequent and long workouts are something, that not everyone can afford to do, which is why a lot of people resign from any form of physical activity altogether. EMS method is perfect for people with limited time, but the dream of a great form. Innovative EMS system allows you to take care of one’s body without pushing yourself too hard on tiring workouts. Electro-stimulation of muscles during the exercises activates possibly the largest part of the working body parts. Effects are stunning, and the method itself safe and comfortable. Workouts used with is are not as demanding, such as regular workouts in the gym. Thanks to which EMS method is free of injuries.