This is why the workouts at the gym or fitness clubs became an everyday occurrence for many people. It’s a sure way to keep better one’s health, which doubles up as a stress reliever. Fitness clubs are still a profitable business. How to start a fitness club? Should you opt for franchise or build your brand from scratch? Here are a few helpful tips!

Good planning is paramount

A healthy lifestyle has been a hot topic for many years now. Fitness and health looks are both incredibly important nowadays, as they influence many important aspects of our everyday lives. If you are familiar with a healthy lifestyle, starting a fitness club as a business is a perfect fit for you! When deciding to open a fitness club, it is important to do proper research first. That research may be what decides the success of your business. It is a good idea to know how many people live in the area where you want to open your club, as well as to verify the population numbers in a given place, as well as in close vicinity of that place (roughly the area of 15 minutes away from the location). We will begin creating the business plan as the next step. Gym, fitness club and different places, which purpose is to allow for people to regularly train, is a business requiring strategic planning beforehand. Good planning is paramount!

Fitness club – size and more

Choosing a local where your future potential clients will train is an extremely important step. You can, of course, try and purchase the localization, but fully purchasing it may be extremely expensive. The other option is to rent it. It is important to sign a lucrative deal. Such a deal should be written down. It should be composed of information such as time of rental (specified or unspecified), the date of the rental beginning, as well as an exact amount of rent. How large should a fitness club be? Size may differ. They depend on what kind of club are we aiming to create, what kind of equipment are we planning to install and so on. When looking for an appropriate place, it is important to remember that the fitness room is not the entirety of the club. In your club you must find a place where the training will be conducted, but also place for the locker room, waiting rooms as well as all the sanitary and hygienic rooms for trainees and club’s employees.

Fitness club’s equipment.

A proper choice of fitness club’s equipment is very important. While doing research, you should look into what kind of equipment should be found in a good fitness club (a great place to look into for that information are the client’s opinions on the websites of a fitness club – it’s a good idea to sacrifice some time and look into them!). Basic equipment for any gym consists of treadmills, stationary bike, cross trainer and steppers with adjustable heights. All fitness clubs should also be equipped with smaller tools and equipment for muscle modellings, such as dumbbells, kettlebells and plates. What else can the gym’s equipment be composed of? For the fans of the more calming types of exercises, physio balls will be a perfect fit. They are especially preferred by young mothers and women in the state of pregnancy. Let us not forget about exercise mats. It is good to remember, that the more variety of equipment we can get our hands on, the more varied our club’s offer will become, which means that – we can reach a larger scope of clients. Appropriate equipment in a fitness club and an engaged fitness trainer are always profitable!

Key to success

An extremely important aspect of any business is the proper choice of qualified employees. We should look for proper employees with regards to what are we planning to offer to our potential clients. A highly educated crew may conduct, for example, rehabilitation training, different types of massages or aerobics. Fitness trainer needs to be competent, but know-how is not all. When choosing employees, it is also important to look for soft skills: politeness, good looks and open approach to the client. A good fitness trainer should know how to give professional advice and be likeable! Our fitness club also must by likeable, which is why we should now think about the most important aspect of nearly any kind of business, which is advertising. An aspect that’s often a challenge to the new owners of fitness clubs. Some things can be done by themselves, however, if we are hoping for good effects, we should look for help with our marketing. Yes, it is costly, but there are indirect options as well. Franchise fitness club – is one of such resolutions.

EMS studio – fitness club for our times

MEON EMS franchise is an option for people, who believe that the fitness club is their way, while at the same time they would like to use help and an innovative idea. EMS training uses electro stimulation of muscles alongside regular exercises. EMS method is currently in the apex of its popularity amongst the western European countries. It becomes more and more popular in Poland as well. It is the fitness of now. Do you want to create a fitness club? Go with the MEON EMS franchise. We propose affiliate arrangement and measurable benefits with a low entry point. We don’t burden our franchisee at a high cost while letting them develop. Together we are building an innovative business, which works. We are inviting you to check out the details of our franchise offer!