What to do to open your own, well prospering business? There is no single receipt for success. One thing is sure: basics are a great idea, which can be moulded into a recognizable brand. Sometimes, however, you do not have to invent the wheel again. For several people, the most efficient way to open a business is franchised. It’s a partnership way of conducting business based on the win-win rule. MEON EMS is a franchise, which is based on the innovative EMS system. Why is it profitable and how can you make use of it? Here’s all you need to know!

EMS system – innovative training method for our times

Sport is health. Regardless of age, gender and our day to day job, physical activity is the basics of a healthy organism. Goals may differ: some want to keep a good condition, others want to build muscles, both these cases require regular workouts. How to efficiently use the time allotted for working sessions? The best solution is the EMS system. It’s an innovative training method, which is based on the conjunction between physical activity and electro-stimulation of muscles. EMS has been used for years by both professional athletes, as well as physiotherapists. It does not stop here, however. EMS system is also used by NASA and the U.S army. EMS training is very popular in western Europe. It is also becoming more and more popular in Poland. EMS method is safe and researched. It can be used by anybody, and the innovative suit and electro-stimulants allow for regulation of the impulse intensity, in such a way, to allow for possibly the most efficient and comfortable workout. Thanks to that technology, weight loss does not have to include liters of sweat, neither do muscle building. Electro-stimulation of muscles allows achieving effects that usually require a lot of sacrifice in a way that’s easy, quick and free of injury.


EMS studio as a franchise? The idea for a business with low own contribution

EMS training boom has already started in a lot of countries. Workouts, part of which is the electro-stimulation of muscles it a new trend. It is slowly becoming more popular in Poland as well. MEON EMS is a fully realized EMS system, based on the innovative suits allowing for electro-stimulation of muscles. Our suits have been designed by the world-renowned specialists, with care and attention to details. They are so comfortable, that during the workout the trainee does not feel that they are wearing it at all. Wireless connection to the application, lack of any unnecessary wires, and efficient electro-stimulation of muscles mean that the MEON EMS suits are a completely new dimension of training. Do you want to become a part of the fitness revolution? This is the best moment. Your own EMS studio is a perfect idea for a business with low own contribution. Examined know-how are the biggest (but not all!) benefits of the MEON EMS franchise.

Franchise with low own contribution? It’s possible!

A great number of franchise projects requires a huge amount of personal contribution in the beginning. Leading your own EMS studio, you can count on our support on each step of the way. We will give you the knowledge required to conduct business and acquiring clients – through direct contact, but also by allowing to access to our database. Furthermore, you will also receive marketing materials. We guarantee full supply base, consisting of polish campaigns, website and elements of visual identification, such as leaflets, or advertisement posters. We will help with social media as well. MEON EMS brand is advertised in cooperation with the ambassadors. We take advertisement seriously, because we too care about development, as well as making EMS method more well known. EMS studio can be opened anywhere. It’s a perfect idea for a business in a small city.

Why MEON EMS franchise?

It’s hard to find a better solution for a safer place to keep one’s capital than a tested business based on the franchise. By opting to use franchise, you use an already recognizable brand, rather than having to start from scratch. It simplifies things a great deal. In this scenario, you can count on receiving back the initial investment much faster than in the traditional way. MEON EMS is a stable, quickly developing company. To create your own EMS studio, with our franchise program, all you need is a place with a minimum surface of 60 m2, which alongside small initial own contribution means low entry points, in regards to the possibilities of development. Before you start working with us, we will first give you the necessary information. We bet on a clear, translucent communication with our franchisee. We suggest full training (amongst other, certified training of theory and practicality of conducting EMS training). You do not have to fret about the formalities. We will give you all the necessary tools to keep your documentation, amongst other the rules of cooperation with the studio, personal questionnaires and so on. The idea for a business under 100 thousand zł? Bet on the MEON EMS franchise!